How to stop a loop and wait for user's command?

I’m making an app for the administrator. The app will show newly registered but not approved customers one by one. The administrator have to choose between “Approve” or “Cancel” or “Hold”.
The problem is the loop I created is showing the customers one by one but not waiting for the user’s choice. How to make it wait?

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It would be much better to write the rows to a list and then use the Item Click block in the list to allow the administrator to change the value.

Another option is to directly list it in a DVL (Data Viewer List) and then filter the required rows.

Don’t use a loop for this. Just display a single value and when the user clicks a button, increase the row id variable by one and get the single value again.

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How to get the filtered rows (Unconfirmed consumers data only) to DVL from google sheet?

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See this example

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