Returning a filtered list from Google Sheets

I am trying to return a list of items created by the user.

Trying to create a list by

  1. looping through the rows in my Google sheet
  2. matching rows by the User_ID
  3. IF User_ID is a match, add the value from the cell in a specific column

The problem is I am not getting any values in the List Viewer.

Below is the screenshot of the block I am using.

Any help would be much appreciated.


In the loop for each item k in .... you should not use the block get value from. This is wrong. You should use list of values.... block.

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Thank you for your reply.
I am actually trying to look up the value of a cell based on the User_ID and Column.
The block you are suggesting is returning all values for a specific column, but I need this list to be filtered by the User_ID.

I was able to use the same logic when looking up values from a local DB.

Would you have any other suggestion how to solve this problem?

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Try this sample project

If this is not what you are looking for then you need to share your project or create a sample project that can produce the issue and share it.


This is exactly what I am looking for, only difference is that I want to look up data from a Google sheet…
I check the blocks and try to replicate it.
Many thanks for your help!

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It works the same in Google sheet and also in Airtable.
Use the same logic just change the table from Local to Google sheet.

It is better to use the Local Table for filtered results and will become more useful when you have multiple users using the same app then you do not want to have the filtered results in Google sheet but you want it stored in the phone of the user.

I wasn’t able to add rows to my local db…hence I am trying Google sheet…but that might be a different issue.

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Thank you for your help!!!
It worked.
I have changed the blocks a bit so I can use the list viewer.


Glad that this helped.

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