How to get a value from google sheets?

Hi, How can I get all the values form google sheets? Like if the text = any username which is in the google sheet plz Tell me I need this so badly

Go to data sources.
And Use a get list of values block.
And check if the list contains the text.

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It’s not working Did you meant like this?


No i mean check if the lists contains the text item.
You can find that block in the list drawer.

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What is list drawer?

How can I find it?

I am not on the new mod.

Its thiss one:

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oh thanks but which block?

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@thunkabot display help

Use the does list contain block

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like this?


Like this:
Replace the navigate to screen blocks with custom blocks.

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ok but now I want if the text is not = table plz help

Add a else to the if statement.
And put your code there.

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hope this one works. thanks for your time

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