How to merge variable more than 2 variable

Hi All thunker,

Firstly, I want to download data from airtable for I can do some process locally but I have around 10 base which it have around 1000 record for each base and also the column content for each base are the same.

Actually I did one by one of each variable by “insert at last” and it was success but took around 1 hour which I think it too long.

Anyone have another solution for make it faster please ?


You need to create a list of table names and get data from each table in a loop. This will reduce the number of blocks in the project by 10 times.

After that you need to read the article after that, you can speed up your blocks at least 100-500 times.

Hello @actech

Thank you for you reply and suggestion.

I have read your comment and try to create a list of table name for get data in a loop but I still cannot complete it as I not sure where to put the block “get all row” to the list.

Regarding to the link above about performance, writing data is slower than getting data but I don’t know how to append data except insert at last

Can you please give me an example of the block on both thing please.

I don’t know what your data structure is with tables, so I suggest this option:

  1. in Excel, make up 4 columns with table access parameters:

View Name

If some parameter is the same for all, for example, APIKey and BaseID, then these columns are not needed.

  1. after that, copy all the data to Thunkable X Local DB component.

  2. Local DB has a block for getting all records. So you need to use the “for each item in list” block to get them.

If you have managed to learn all the table names, you can proceed to getting records from these tables, as you already know how to do.

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