How to make Data from complete Row visible in List Viewer (Airtable Spreadsheet) [SOLVED]

is it possible to make the Data from the whole Row (Colum A & Colum B) visible in the List Viewer?

If it`s possible, can someone provide me an example?

Thank you.


I recently experimented with creating an advanced list using WebViewer. On iOS, the height of the list row and the height of the block in WebViewer are the same, but I don’t have the opportunity to check this on an Android device. Perhaps these examples will help you.

Two-line ExtListViewer

Single line ExtListViewer

Hi Actech,
Thanks for your Reply, your solution seems to be pretty advanced, Im currently trying to figure out how Thunkable works and I’m not yet experienced enaugh to exactly understand what you are doing with your Blocks.

I Solved my problem directly in my Airtable Spreadsheet, with a Formular to combine to cells.
It’s not the most elegant way but it’s good enaugh at the moment.

Thank you again for your reply.

Clear. My solution uses programming, and this is really difficult. I thought you needed a multi-line list to display long text lines.

If you just needed to join the strings, then you can use the text block “join” for this.

As I have no programming background, I thought of using another method to list down all elements of a row ( a row having 4 columns) in list viewer. Unfortunately, it not working. Please have a look at snapshot of my blocks.
I used same algorithm (get column block) to list down all elements of column into list viewer and its working perfectly fine.