SearchBar for DataViewerList in Airtable not Working

Why this blocks are not working? Are there any problem you are thinking that?
Or any new simple blocks for search with data viewer list in Airtable. (If i create two column works only in table; but if table has 5-6 column not working i really don’t understand) If i use create own table in thunkable it is working but with list viewer.

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check these demos

I already checked these demos. And yes these demos are work but My db from Airtable. And you can see my blocks above not working.

These blocks has nothing to do with any of my demos. The demos I presented work on both local and cloud tables.

Your search function is designed for a List Viewer. it will not work for a Data Viewer List.

No, working with two column. It’s not working with more than 5 column db.

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This is not enough information to help you. Are you saying that the exact same blocks above work with a data source with two columns but not with six columns? That doesn’t make any sense. If you’re getting data from, let’s say column #1, it shouldn’t matter if there is one more column or fifty more columns.

Are you trying to get data from more than one column at the same time? Or are you saying that if you try to get data from column #6, it fails?

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Can you show what have you already tried?
Just saying it’s not working will not help anyone to give you a good advice.

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