New blocks in the data list viewer

Does anyone know when new list viewer blocks will be available to manipulate, databases, tables and views?

Can you give examples of what you mean? I’ve been learning about the Airtable API for example, which allows you to pull a single base view into Thunkable.


Hello, I have managed to filter, and obtain data, using filter by formula, but I cannot obtain all the data of a specific column, could you help me?

Airtable limits the results from API GET calls to 100 rows. It’s a ridiculous limit at least in my mind but the only way to get more data at one time is to use the “offset” value in JSON to request the next “page” of data.


Data sources for List Viewers need SQL-like blocks:

  • Blocks for obtaining a filtered set of rows (Where, e.g., all rows with a particular authorID),
  • blocks for ordering the rows (OrderBy)

You can use API blocks for this now, as @tatiang points out, but such code is sophisticated as you have to set up the URLs and process the JSON that is returned.

For me, adding blocks to simplify database access is the key to Thunkable’s ascension, and will launch them in the nocode world (see this article: Thunkable, Adalo, and the Future of Citizen Development | Drag and Drop Code)


Excellent article, thanks @David_Wolber!

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Hello, excellent article, I had reviewed Adalo, but I did not find it as powerful as Thunkable, and I think you have expressed in the article everything necessary for Thunkable to be the perfect no-code platform, I look forward to the addition of the thunkable team soon those functionalities and blocks, which from what I see I am not the only one who limits it in their projects, thank you very much !!!

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I will review and try, thank you very much !!! for the help, it’s great that there are people like you who always contribute to the community !!!

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I appreciate your kind words! People helped me when I started here so I’m trying to give back. :slight_smile: