How to make BLE Sanner String show in the text input box when I scan

hello I am beginner without programming background.
I am building a warehouse management related APP which needs a scanner to scan a code to input

I did the blocks like this.
It doesn’t meet my expectations.

Please help me. Thanks a lot.

Hi @gracezkxur, welcome to Thunkable! :tada:

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We need more information to help you.

What do mean by this? What are your expectations? Have you had a chance to look through our docs on BLE. This will teach you a lot on how to scan, connect, transmit, and receive data with your BLE enabled device.

It looks you have correctly entered a UUID for your device. What you are sending back to the Thunkable app is the data in the form of a string (a sequence of characters) and setting both the Text Input’s text and a label (LabelError) to this data. What is that showing you? Thunkable can only receive what the device sends to your app. Ideally, you would want to set that data (string) to a label and then set Labelerror to the error, if there is one. You can do this by dragging the green error block and connecting that to the label block.

The Community here is happy to help! We just need a bit more information.

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