Read ASCII data with BLE converter

Hi All,

I am new to Thunkable, what I see uptill now it looks promissing.

I try to write/read data to a weighing scale using an BLE/RS232 converter with ASCII protocol.

I found a perfect tutorial om youtube.

I can connect to the BLE converter by Device name. I can read device ID with connect function. I can write to the weighing scale over the BLE converter with transmit Hexadecimal. I now want to read over the BLE converter and here I get stuck. I can read data using a universal BLE terminal app with different UUID than the write UUID.

The weighing scale has a continu RS232 ASCII output. The LED on the converter is blinking, I am sure data is avalible for sending to thunkable.

I both use receive string and receive byte array without succes. I also use function forever and repeat. I also use function Timer1 fires.

Error message: Operation was rejected. When I use a UUID out of range I receive error message Can`t read the characteristic provided

Is it possible to use Thunkable fo this application? if yes how to do it?

Thanks for your help.

I am facing the same issue. but not for weighing application. I am using Bluno beetle in on the application. I could send the data to bluno, using transmit string block, but when read the data using receive string block, I am getting the first character string of what I sent using the transmit block.

In bluno website, they have provided example app to check the bluno BLE operation, with that app I am able to send the command and receive the response on that app. But in the thunkable app, it is not working.

I don’t find any videos or document to read the data from a sensor and display it on thunkable.

What BLE device are you using? I am just trying to figure out if there is any specific BLE devices only supported in the Thunkable. if so Thunkable support team can list the devices that are supported or if there are some requirements to be checked for compatibility with Thunkable, support team can list that. It would help a lot.

I am using a industrial BLE 5.0 RS232 converter. I think the problem is that Thunkable can`t “Read” the Notify UUID. I think only hardware can be use which has data avalible on a Read UUID but I am not sure.

I write to UUID --32–. It works perfect. I try to read on UUID --31— but this doesnt work. As you can see on UUID --31--- is only Write and Notify. Read is only avalible with a "Descriptor" but I dont know if an how to program with Thunkable

I tried a different BLE terminal. My problem is indeed that data can`t be read but is available as Notification. When I switch on Enable Notification I see data coming available. The question to Thunkable is when this function is coming available?