BLE cannot communicate via transmit channel

Hello everybody!
Pls help me to understand very strange BLE behavior.

I have a device with BLE module. First of all, the device works good with other APPs, for example, nRFConnect.
But when I try to use my device with Thunkable Live test, it can work ONLY if I firstly connect it to nRFConnect.
To be more detailed it can be connected, I see the ID of my device. But the Read String doesnt work until I run nRFConnect and connect my device in it. Its very strange for me, I dont understand how this is possible.

Until I connect in nRFCONNECT the data cant be recieved.

I downloaded APK, but the result is the same.

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Thunkable can only use the READ attribute of the characteristic. It cannot use the NOTIFY attribute.

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I dont use NOTIFY in Thunkable. This is just a Characteristic`s attribute, that is set on Device side.

I use Receive String in blocks.
But it works only after I connect a device in any another App, for example, BLE Scanner, nRFConect, etc.
Only after this, the Receive String starts working.

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I can tell you more. I made the same APP in AppInventor and it works good.
And the same strange thing: Thunkable APP can do the Receive String block only if I firstly launch the AppInventor APP and connect my device in it.
I cant understand how this works and why.
Why Thunkable App can work only if another APP is launched and connected to my device?

Thunkable doesnt support Notify attribute of characteristic.

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