Is BLE ever going to incorporate Notify for receiving String or Bytes data?

Hello Team,
My current app was built around sending and receiving data from a BLE device. To my disappointment I keep getting the “Operation rejected” error when trying to receive data from the device in a Timer Loop set at 50 milliseconds. The BLE device characteristic on the device I’m trying to receive from is set to READ-NOTIFY by design. Any work around or future plans to allow for Notify transmissions to work? My first version of the APP was built on MIT app inventor and the “when bytes received block” works fine on that Android version. Just hoping there’s an update or work around for Thunkable X to possibly complete this IOS/Android version.
Thank you all for your help.

Hi @factionsirgslx42, thanks for reaching out. I am adding this post to our Feature Requests category as it fits better in there.

We do not currently have any visibility in the current Thunkable platform for adding notify transmissions via BLE, currently we only support receive and transmit.

Please feel free to reach out if we can help with anything else!