Bluetooth Notify Request

The best thing in the world would be if the Bluetooth component could receive notify data coming in on a continuous stream and not just “read” requests. So many BLE devices send continuous data via notify. Any chance in the world that will be in the development pipeline in the near future? It would open the door to creating so many more cool IOT apps and integrations! PLEASE for a Christmas request, lol. I have an amazing gaming app that works on MIT app inventor but is limited to android devices. I’ve built 90% of it on thunkable but I’m at a dead end with the BLE limitation.

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Hello @factionsirgslx42
At the moment, we don’t have a timeline for developing Notify method.
Is it possible for you to update the firmware to use READ instead of the NOTIFY method?

Another user had the same issue and was able to resolve it using this method. For more information, please click here: iOS Bluetooth App doesn’t receives any data - Questions about Thunkable / BLE / BlueTooth - Community

I have no access to the firmware code on the IOT device I’m utilizing, I didn’t develop it. It needs to feed a constant flow of data from IR receivers. I’m just trying to capture that incoming live data. Hopefully you all have time in the not so far off future. It seems it would be super integral to the operation, and expanding the abilities of Thunkable, for IOT projects out there. It’s strange that it would be a hard change also on your end. Looking at Dart/Flutter, MIT app inventor 2, and others it’s out there. But I understand the work load you all have and the priorities. I guess I’ll keep exploring options for IOS builds and check back in.

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