BLE notify workaround does not work


Regretfully there is no BLE notify function in the thunkable bluetooth stack.
I started using thunkable since this was the only no-code builder I knew with BLE integration.

I hoped I had figured a workaround by implementing the Web Bluetooth function. I have build a webpage which successfully implemented the Notify feature.
Now I can send and retrieve data from my RN4871 (transparant uart) device.
It also works with google on my android phone.
So I thought I just use the webviewer block to access this page and voila…
Too bad. That did not work either (in the Thunkable life app)

"I get a notification from my webpage: Web Bluetooth API is not available. Please make sure the “Experimental Web Platform features” flag is enabled.

Any chance that this can be enabled in the webviewer?

Hello @jeroen.mulder :wave:

At the moment, the Notify method is not supported.

Is it possible for you to update the firmware to use READ instead of the NOTIFY method?

Another user had the same issue and was able to resolve it using this method. For more information, please click here: iOS Bluetooth App doesn’t receives any data - Questions about Thunkable / BLE / BlueTooth - Community

Unfortunately it is a native function of this chip which I cannot change.

it’s really a pitty that my workaround also does not work.

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