For those who have worked with BLE

for those who have worked with BLE before, i have a bit of a hardball question.

I have been doing a lot of research into OBD2 stuff. initially, i thought the greatest issue would be getting the numbers and converting from base 16 to base 10. not the case. I have, basically, run into a brick wall attempting to even connect to devices. I would rather not buy any more obd devices, seeing as how this one would be my third attempt, I would like to ask the staff to help ascertain if this device would be compatible with the thunkable BLE function or not. the docs on the site seem to be rather sparse in terms of detail.

Now, I have successfully made a b16 to b10 converter, so i can read the return values properly. however, i don’t know exactly how to connect to the device. it seems as if all successful ble connections i could find were done with Arduino devices that don’t exactly carry over to what I am doing here.

Luckily, this company provides EXTENSIVE documentation on interfacing with its devices. however, it does NOT have the low energy model in the reference sheet of the device’s command sets and what you need to do to properly calculate the values.

i think i can manage to do the calculations part of it using thunkable blocks and maybe a few api’s.

however, and this is my greatest concern, would the device commands remain the same as in the reference sheet if I am using the low energy version of the device?

and, if its the same, would thunkable’s BLE function be able to handle this?

The Device In Question.

I’ve purchased the Bluetooth scanner i question, fingerers crossed. if this works, thunkable will have proven itself entirely.

I’m just not entirely certain how to make it connect when it says that it needs a uuid and other things that i dont know how to retrieve in order to connect.

This Is the command set I’m going to be using is from the ELM327 Command List.

This is AT commands. What protocol is your device using?
Does it have timeout?
Does it need a wake-up signal?

You need to get this sorted out to issue AT commands.

The most used Wake-up signal in AT command compatible devices is ATTP. Check it or refer to the manual to get the correct wake-up signal and then issue the next command before the timeout occurs in the device.

30 years ago or so I used to work with TTY devices for communication equipment with AT commands.

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It seems that the AT commands are “simulated”

Or so says one of the pdf’s

I’m assuming that I send it a string and it sends a corresponding command. I went ahead and bought it. I’m waiting until my next paycheck in order to get one of the ecu simulator kits to properly test it.

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i will say, the obdlink scanner i posted earlier seems to be the only one that has both low power Bluetooth and ANY form of documentation whatsoever.

at least, as far as i could find.

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I’ve gotten the ble obd2 scanner! it was just delivered from amazon. i keep looking over and over, but i cant fond a way to connect to a device without having to get the uuid from an outside source.

correct me if I’m wrong, But it seems thunkable is completely incapable of getting the uuid on its own.

is there some way i can integrate this into the app using an api?

i cant find anything on the forums that says that it can…

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it LOOKS like I can use the skeleton key UUID, I’m not a programmer obviously, so i don’t understand the implications of using the “00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb” one that seems to have a millions devices that use it.

i also found a website that shows this to be the case. its 108 Degrees F outside and I’m going to test this when it cools off.

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1101 in the first part of a UUID device means this device emulates an RS232 port (serial port) which is the standard connection for AT devices and that could work.

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i cant do it in my car after all. looks like i’ll have to buy an ecu sim. i found a simple one on ebay, works through a usb and a chip…

it says it MIGHT get here sometime in march

I’ll ask my friends, if any of them have this gadget I will attempt to communicate with it. It shouldn’t be difficult.

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ive v=been trying like bad to get it going in my car. it keeps saying “operation was canceled” and “device the bluetooth-id-# was disconnected”
im not sure what its doing tbh.

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I ordered one and when I get it I’ll play with it and share the outcome.

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i have a few screenshots ill post in a second, i realized that it was the list viewer that was the issue. i was using it as a method to select it. i just made it so that if the list of names contains “obdlink cx” it connects

but now i learned that the uuid doesn’t work. i think im beginning to understand what my grandfather meant by “walking up both sides of the hill on the way to school” haha

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It’s like I busted through a brick wall.

And there was a concrete wall behind it lol

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You will need first to establish the connection then request / monitor the UUID for the serial port


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see, i… Actually, know what, ill just post the APP here

should i just jam that entire thing in the uuid “transmi/recieve” block.

I’m not exactly sure what it wants. honestly, I don’t know.

any luck on this?

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I’m waiting for my gadget to be delivered.

Deliveries to the middle east are not that quick but they arrive eventually. :grin:

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