How to make an image gallery that displays names under the image using Firebase

Hello! I would like to make an image gallery that displays a name below the image. I understand how to display images by referring to the image name, but the images will be constantly changing, so I need it to be able to just display all the images in Firebase. Thank you so much!

First , u need to upload images? or u have the url? or are local images? in thunkableX only have a firebase database and to login ,

U can make a database whit the url to then display its , Or whit airtable for example

If u need to upload images whit the app , u have cloudinary component

hi @abaucumlbh :wave:

This tutorial uses a list of image and a list of captions to display text below the images.

The project file is included there for you to remix too.

Thanks so much for the help! Would I be able to easily modify this method to make the images all appear on one page? I’ll attach an image of what I’m working on achieving. Thanks again!