How to make a pronunciation function(Library)
This small program just tells 4 + 6 = 10. (Ignore the other blocks)
Q1: Does Thunkable have libraries or functions for which if I were to give a text string it would pronounce it for me.
Ex: 23 + 54 - 67 / 12 * 45 = 37.5
If I were to type this in to a text box, then the function(Library) should be able to take it from there and pronounce
Twenty Three plus Fifty Four minus Sixty Seven divide Twelve multiply Forty Five Equals Thirty Seven point Five.
Q2: I want to write my own function(library) in another language. So I would very much appreciate if I can get access to the actual program. Then I can mimic the logic and do it for another language.
Many thanks in advance.

You can use the text to speech block (Google text to speech Thunkable for demos and documentation) to read the equation. I’m not sure how well it will do so I’d give it a test. Another option is something like Google Cloud Voice which tends to do a better job but requires an API key and familiarity with setting up APIs in Thunkable (not always an easy task!).

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This does the job but is limited to English, European languages and some other languages but not to specific languages of India I am looking for. For example when I do this:
I get it in English only.
Let me check if these API’s are open source and if so I can make that API work so that someone else can benefit. Thanks Tatiang for the pointers.

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