A pronunciation corrector app

Hello, I’m trying to develop an app that corrects your pronunciation, but the code that I made isn’t working. Could somebody help me with an example, or a hint? That would me help me a lot. Thanks a lot.

i think you need spellchecker api or use textbox spellchecker method

you can use gramar APIs

they have the API too but i guess it might be hard to make an app like that so i prefer to make a prototype app

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Pronunciation? In what language? Can you say more about what you want to make? Maybe post an image that is an example?

spelling corrector?

I am making actually two apps that works in the same way, but one in Brazilian Portuguese and the other app in English, but I’m working first in Portuguese.

I made a code that worked in the program. I used the speech recognizer and a label, the program transforms the sentence that the person said in text (through the label), and then the program corrects your pronunciation, if the sentence to be wrong.

I don’t understand how you would correct pronunciation in written text. Can you give an example of something someone would say in Portuguese, the text that would be displayed using speech-to-text, and then the corrected pronunciation you want to show?

Edit: Sorry, I think you said it’s working now…?

In the program, when you say a phrase/word, the program will put the sentence/word at the label, if the sentence to be right, the conditional “if” will work, for example: If the sentence to be equal to “Banana”, go to the second word, if not, to put at label “try again”.

Okay. I think you mean “translation” instead of “pronunciation.”

Do you still need help?

No. I just resolved the problem, but thank you for wanting to help

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