How to make a posting page

I am trying to make a posting page. so far I have an area to enter a photo and text.

I want to store the post into a spreadsheet.

Would airtable or firebase be better for this?


I’m thinking that firebase is probably better but I don’t know what to put where in the block for saving a data item


I have 4 pieces of info that I want to store under storing a post (title, description, photo,category). But for firebase I only see two places to input things, key and value.

FYII, it is not a good idea to name people out just for their input.

Firebase on X does not support Storage. So you need to store the images on something like Cloudinary, or another webservice.

Firebase will respond quicker. However it is a little cludgy to get the URL to store properly.

Airtable is very clean, but much slower.

At the end of the day, you still need a place to store your images. You can use the attachment field of airtable, Not sure it is the best media delivery source.

For me? Firebase and Cloudinary as the hosting of the media asset.

ok tahnk you and sorry!

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No worries . Good luck, and let me know if this helps or you need any more help.

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I actually do need more help.

For the project I am making I have 4 pieces of info I want to save under each post and there will be multiple posts saved.

I can only find a way to save 2 pieces of info under a firebase per saved item, so airtable seems better, but I can’t find a way on airtable to save 4 pieces of info under a post also. How should I do this?

You can save lots more info. Use the join function.

So here is how to do it

Usernid is : 10221

You want to store url, name, email, and shoe size.

the Key is then.

You just need to add a /subtag/ to what you want


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Do I do this is firebase or thunkable or airtable?


Ok I think I did it but is there a way to join under a join?

(and what is “key”)


oh wait I think I did it.
Thank you!

You can only have one key and one value

The key would be /1/photo/url

or 1/type/toys

the value is the “day old baguette”

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