How to make a list not appear until another list is completed


I want to make that the user has to complete one of the 2 lists to be able to make the other one and that until he completes it he can’t access the other one. For example that the user before filling his city fills his country and the cities of his country will appear.

Thanks in advance.

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You can set the visible property of the second list to False which will not show on the screen and only after the user select from first list change the visible property of second list to True to be displayed and only at this time the user can select from second list.

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Yes, this will work fine, but we also need to make sure that the second list is not shown again if I clear the selection field in the first list (this field will become empty again).
Sorry to complement your answer …

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Yes, of course you can do that. Check the field and if no text in the field then set the visible to False again.

Thanks for the help you two, how do I make that depending on the option I choose in the first list I get certain options in the second list?
For example (again with places) in the first list I choose the country Spain and in the second list I get the cities of Spain. If I choose France instead of Spain, all the cities of France will appear in the second list.


in my opinion, the easiest option is to make multiple lists. each list lists the cities of the country you can select. now, when you select a country, you make the desired list with cities visible …
You can make it harder - use a local base or a cloud base instead of lists with cities.
to choose the best option, you need to know the general idea of your application.