Make a button visable given multiple conditions

Hello again Thunkers,

I am a little stuck on this one. I’m assuming the answer is pretty easy or straight forward but I can seem to solve it …

I’m trying to make 1 button visible only after 2 conditions are met. So when the user selects an item from 2 different list views I would like to make the button available.

These are my blocks, so far I know how to make it visible after condition 1 is met (listview2 is selected) However i would like it to only be visible after listview 2 and 3 are selected.

Create two variables, both initialized to 0. When listview 2 is clicked, change one variable to 1. When listview 3 is clicked, change the other variable to 1. Then check to see if the variables’ values are both 1.



One way to do this would be to nest and if then statement inside of another if then statement. For example I might write something like “if variable X is equal to or greater than 1 => “if X is equal to “Gary” => then enable button “click here“

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There are 3 ways to solve this problem.

  • Create app variables, then store items in them.
  • Create function variables, then store items in them.
  • Take two labels, clear their text and hide them. When 1 list’s item is picked, set label1’s text to item. Same for list2 with label2. And later check if label1.text = label2.text. No variables required.

Thanks! :blush: