Hide listview after selecting item in list

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I’m a new thunker and i’ve been working on a big project : ) and this is my first post. Can anyone help me hide the listview after I select an item in it? right now I have a button that opens the list view, I select an option in the listview and want the list view to go away unless the button is pushed again.

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The function you are asking for, is easy to implement. (Don’t worry!)

Here are some blocks that would help you -


What are we doing?

At start, only the button is visible. When the button is clicked, the button hides, and the listviewer comes. When any item is clicked in the list, the listviewer hides, and the button comes. The same process would rotate, everytime the button is clicked.

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This helped me get alot further in my project. Ive been using the viability more in my project and actually have another question you may be able to help me solve. Again, I don’t think its too complicated but I’m stumped at the moment.

Make a button visable given multiple conditions

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