How to make a button affect another screen

I have 3 screens, the title screen, the main screen, and a screen after that. On the last screen. I have a button that goes to the main screen. However, when I press the button I want it to not only navigate to the main screen I also want it to do an action on the main screen. However, I don’t want the action to happen when you first open it from the title screen. So basically make a button on the other screen affect the main screen. I know there is a thing called’broadcast message’ in scratch which means when it broadcasts you can make an action on any screen. Im wondering if there is something like that in thunkable. ty

u mean a btn touch affect?

idk what that means sry. I’m kinda new to thunkable

i mean
do u want button touch affect?

oh no. I mean I want it so that when it goes back to the main screen the picture is different.

maybe u put wrong asset

Use a app variable. For example:

  • Title Screen:

    Initialize app variable btnVar to “0”
    If btnVar = 1
    new image code

  • Last Screen

    When button pressed
    set btnVar to “1”