How To Make a Age Calculator With Thunkable || #MadeWithThunkable

Hey Guys, Welcome to my first Thunkable tutorial article. Today I am going to show you how you can build a Basics + Easy + Cool app in Thunkable. This tutorial is only for Beginners.

So today we are going to make an “Age Calculator” app in Thunkable. Here I have made a video, which is uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

**Partes Covered in this Video:

  1. Basics UI Designing skills
  2. Knowing How to use Math, Text Code Blocks
  3. Learning to use code blocks of UI Components.


[Watch The Video](#7: How To Make a Age Calculator With Thunkable || #MadeWithThunkable - YouTube)

You can get the project from here: [Get Project](
[Use This Code to the Project Copy URL: “3265”]

So I hope my video was helpful to you all.

Thank you for spending time.
Till then keep Learning & making Apps in Thunkable.

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