How do I make a birthday counter app in Thunkable…

Hi if you can please help I have to submit my assignment today so please help!

What have you tried so far? Please show your relevant blocks etc.

I have not done anything…Because I have no idea where to start and even when I search I see timer apps tutorials only…

So you basically want someone to do your assignment for you?

Um iam hoping for someone to explain the blocks to me so I can do it or similar to that…

Since you have done absolutely nothing someone needs to start explaining everything from scratch, which is pretty much the same as doing your assignment for you.

So what do you suggest I have no more time…I have to do it today…

I tried my best to research right now this is what I was able to do with the tutorials if you can help me with this it would be nice

Why didn’t you start it earlier? What did you think would happen if you left it to the last minute?

Explain precisely what you want the birthday counter app to do.

I didn’t wait last minute this assignment was assigned today…
Anyways these are the instructions for them that I received
Imagine we could create an app where the person just puts in their age and the app sings to the song to them! In this activity, you are going to make an app that you can bring to birthday parties. You’ll need to use a for loop:

This for loop counts from 1 until the number the user put in the text box. Each time the loop runs, the counter increases by 1. This code is almost complete, but it doesn’t say the age each time it counts. You need to figure out how to make this block say the age each time it counts.

It’s really hard to read the details in your screenshots. If you can’t provide better screenshots, please post a link to your project. Without that, it’s hard to help you.

I’m surprised your teacher only gave you one day to complete this assignment. It’s not too difficult but if you’re new to Thunkable, it’s going to take some time to figure out.

Yes I can provide a better screenshot give me a few minutes

Screenshot 2022-07-22 22.55.34
is this any better?

No. I’m not sure how it looks on your computer but this is what I see:

I hope now it is better?

When you look at those screenshots do you really think they are any better? If so then you’re clearly seeing something we’re not.

Also, since your assignment was due yesterday why are you persisting with this?

The reason iam persistent with this is because it is the weekend my teach doesn’t correct anything and that’s why I need to finish in the weekend sir.

And for the screen shot I can send the project link if you want to help it would be very nice of you but if don’t want to it is fine.

Is it Thunkable

yes this is the link Thunkable