Age Calculator App

I have just published my new app. Tried to make it professional!

Have a look of it :


Nice job! :+1:

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Very Nice Look!

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Nice look
Is this developed in thunkable and can you share aia file for learning purpose.

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Hi :smiley:

Nice app!
It looks very professional.

If you don’t mind, I got some questions :smile:

  1. What made you wanna do this age calculator app?
  2. Did you encounter any problems while making the age calculator app?
  3. Did you know, you wanted to use this design and font from the start or did you have other plans at first?

All in all, great job :smiley:
Keep thunking!




Someone asked me what is your exact age and im know my age in years only! :joy: and i got an idea and successfully thunked it into Age Calculator.

Yes, i have faced many problems in block section and the our community helped a lot.
With your support i have successfully thunked it!!!

I have no plan at starting to use design & fonts. First i made basic arrangement in design and then completed blocking. When i got exact result as expected then i stated to make UI. I am always thinking about improving beautiful user interface.

Thank you :+1:


Dear Taimoor,

Yes i have developed it with Thunkable.

I have worked very hard to develop this. Currently i am unable to share .aia file.

Sorry for that. :blush:

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Interesting! :smiley:

May i ask what problems? and how did you solve them?

i’m sorry that i ask so much :sweat_smile: i’m just really curious :smiley:


When i started to blocking im unable to get correct results. Sometimes got rumtime error wrong arguments.

Then i seel Damnh O hall post to how to make age calculator. There i have cleared my doubts ade used two variables as current dates and birthday date and i have done. :blush::grinning:

Thanks Damnhall.

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@Kiranmadde is the proof that using tutorial, asking for help in this community and working on code by try&error, you can do a very good work with Thunkable. I remember when he ask us how to do. He was patient and very committed and now has his app completed. Well done!


Hey nice look and nice job carry on :grinning:

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You’re welcome! :grinning:


yes, good one it looks professional.
eventhough it is professional it needs good promotion.
try to make a youtube video, it helps you get more downloads and also make a video(how to make professsional app in thunkable, it helps you get more subscribers).
really you done good job.

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Nice job, it looks awesome!


To calculate Hours, Minutes and Seconds accurately you would need an option to input time of birth.

In the US we format dates MM/DD/YYYY so I would add an option change the date format.

Today’s Date/Time you could get from the Clock Component.

The font gets clipped on my phone(Samsung S8)

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why your app removed from play store

Before i publish this app on play store, i have published 3 to 4 apps based on web viewer. On that time i was not familiar with Google Play Policies, and my cansole account got suspended.