New Thunkable X Tutorials Coming to YouTube

Hey Fellow Thunkers,

Did you know that Thunkable plans to stop supporting Thunkable Classic soon?

For this reason, I am starting a YouTube channel strictly dedicated to Thunkable X Tutorials. Thunkable is a powerful platform that is growing, and I want to teach the future Thunkers how to make awesome apps.

My plan is to start with the basics and get more complex so that the tutorials are always building off each other. Case in point: My first video covers creating your Thunkable Account:

Would you consider subscribing? This will:

  • Help the channel grow
  • Allow you to provide feedback
  • Give you a resource to point new Thunkable users to.

That’s all for now - Thanks!


I’m calling my first series of videos: Account Basics.

There are only 3 videos in this series, and today’s new video covers the benefits and FAQs of Thunkable PRO Membership:

Check it! :grinning: :grimacing: :sun_with_face:

Thanks friend,


Here is the last video link I will post on this thread. :relieved: I made a video showing how you can try out other creator’s apps with the click of a button in the Thunkable X public gallery. It’s a pretty cool feature!

Check out the new tutorial:

Good Luck!


I already watched and subscribed your channel, AmbleMind. Nicely done! Keep up the good work.


The Background

It’s been almost 2 years since I started the Thunkable X Tutorials YouTube channel.

It’s been a joy so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

The Future

As I look to the future, I want to be a better leader and guide to new people coming to the No Code world that want to make an app but don’t know where to start.

To reach a larger audience (who may not know what Thunkable is) and to continue growing as an expert in the space, Thunkable X Tutorials has a new look!

The New Look

Yes, that is a new channel name: No Code Apps with Darren

And be sure to check out my new channel welcome video!

The Thanks

Thanks so much for everyone who has subscribed and supported me so far!

More to come in the future, and the best is ahead!

Happy No Coding!