Suggestion for developers/ tutorial makers -More Tutorials More Users

I was here since 2017 December and the evaluation of the thunkable platform and its community is unimaginably perfect. It gave me lots of things and i really like to see it evolve more in future.

Suggestion - cos of the simplicity and time efficent way ,most of the people simple use thunkable to make webview apps. And the other thing most of them are using wordpress platform as there web component.

And if someone make tutorials like “connecting rest api” to thunkable apps.etc. majority of the wordpress community will try thunkable. Its a fact that most of the bloggers use wordpress and will be much appreciated, tutorial makers can show them how to give there blogs more value (than just a webview)

And the other thing is all of these tutorials should be focus on thunkableX. Cos it covers both ios and android.hope someone with good heart see and do something for thunkable community.specially thunkbale team .

P.s - if thunkable can join with wordpress :sunglasses::tada:
Happy thunking…