How to hide/show a group of images all at once using "for each item"?


I created a list of images and want to show one at a time depending on the index label I want: example if I type 1 I want the cat image to show, 2= dog and so one.
Since there is a couple dozen images I thought that using “For each item in list” component" like this would be best:


What I hoped from this code to do is hide all images and only show the one image that match the it’s index.

this doesn’t seem to be working coz images are not labels and the program error say that it was expecting a label not an image.

Any workaround or maybe is there a better idea?

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Just 3 questions -

  • These seem Kodular blocks - can you explain what platform are you using?

  • You have categorized this topic as #classicdiscuss ?

  • Are you intended to build this in Thunkable X?

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Yeah you got me:). I started using kodular for this particular project coz thunkable test simulator wasn’t working for me for some reason, it kept crashing(very frustrating tbh)

Aren’t Kodular and thunkable similar in functionality?


Hi, @Houssam_Zakaria! :wave:

First of all, if you are still intended to use Kodular for your project, it would be better to ask in their native community @ .


  • Thunkable has an X version (, which enables us to build apps for both iOS and Android. If you mention this platform’s live app, then I am coming upon no errors.
  • The Thunkable Classic Version (app.thunkable) which is almost deprecated, and about to close in a few months. This platform, was for native android apps, so yes, it’s of similar functionality of Kodular.

So, are you still continuing your project in kodular? If yes, you should follow the very first step I metioned :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fair enough, I will give the X version a try, thks :slight_smile:


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@Houssam_Zakaria - did you get this working in Thunkable X?

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