[Solved] About "for each item in list"

Hi Community,
I can use “for each item in list” to set blocks, as photos below.
But if I want to having a result only when : “All” items in list, that means :
Only when “All” items’s background color are white, change textbox’s text to 0.
So how can I set the blocks ?

In fact, there are over 30 items in the list, and every single items will change their color when something changed.

Remarks : how to change the color to white is not my question, the only question is how to change the item for “each” to “All” in list.
Thank you for any help !

Hi @eric7pcsbod, you can try this -

Essentially what we’re doing here is initializing a new variable named, flag and setting it to false at start. The variable would be made true if the loop sees any other colored label than white. So if flag is true after loop ends, it would mean that not all labels are white. If it’s still false, means all labels are white and you’re good to go on setting the text input’s text to 0.

I’d also recommend initializing the _ListLabel variable with image instead of empty text, as you’re later changing it to a list anyway.

I hope I got your issue right, and let me know if this helps. :+1:


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