Item in list but the function do not find it

hello all,

I am doing an app that is doing scan of EAN and I have a strange behavior on list.

the text2 gives me 1 but the text3 gives me 0
do you have any ideas ? maybe I am too tired to see something obvious :frowning:
thanks for your help.

No, that doesn’t make much sense. Are you setting the counter variable to zero before each loop starts? You should do that each time you call the barcode scanner.

yes I am doing it.
I just wonder if it is not a problem of size list. the list is 2442 items.

Add another counter variable with a different name. Change it by 1 each time the loop runs (so put the change block below the inner if block). Display that new counter variable in a label. Then you can see if it’s getting through all 2442 items.

with the for each loop it is sure I am going through all items of the list
I just made some tests with the component get an item in a list based on the index and there is no issue.
the thing that I do not understand is why the component in list find do not find the item :frowning:

found it :partying_face:
the value for the scan is not a number but a string.
I forced it to a number and it is working

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