Find Item in List

Hi All,

I can’t quite work out if this thread is about the same problem i am finding.
Basically i am trying to add items to an empty list and then return the index of where that item is positioned. I used these blocks but the label i was hoping to display the position of ‘T’ comes out as 0. Which i understand means not found.

Second set of blocks shows how I previously had success with this in MIT app inventor. I’m new to thunkable and wondering if ive used the wrong blocks.

Appreciate any help

Hey @jamesshepherd876pnr :wave:

Don’t think this is related to the previous topic so I’ve moved it here to make it easier to find.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happening, and the solution is at the end.

I’m guessing this is how the error happened. You had these blocks:

The find in list block creates its own local list to search through. We can consider this to be:


You’ve also created your own global list, lets call it:


So, when you click on the button you pass your global list into the local list. Essentially:


So your list is actually inside of another list.

To get this working, all you need to do is pass myList() as the input for the list parameter, like this:


This is great thanks so much! Saved me a lot of brain ache.

For anyone else looking and trying to do the same. I had a bit of trouble getting this block into the same format you mentioned (probably a rookie mistake)
But I was looking at this and thinking it was the same as yours:

I realised I had to remove all ‘items’ from the list, otherwise like you mentioned I’m putting a list in a list:

And then it came up as empty list:

And then add the list variable

Might have just taught anyone watching to suck eggs but in case a newbie like me was out there scratching their head well there you are!