Item number in the list

Question: please tell me how can I find items in the list that match the search term?

those. for example, I have a list of n-positions.
I am looking for x, which is at position 2 and 5 (for example).
How do I find it in the list - I know, but how do I find the position number that this lawsuit is in? Help me :slight_smile:


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Are you talking about List Viewer or Data Viewer List?

Each has its own way.


If only I could understand how to get this data - in any way …

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In fact, now the problem is:

  1. I can tell if list1 contains the item I want.
  2. But what position is it in the list1? This is the problem :frowning: I don’t understand how to solve it.
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check this

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Many, many, many thanks!

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welcome. Glad that this example app helped you.

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