[Solved] How do I update text based on other buttons being clicked

Hi Kartik,
Thank you for your detail reply, your method is ok, it can works ! :+1: :pray: :grinning:

Anyway, I have another issue as photos below :grinning:

As my blocks setting, when Labels are green color, get a result to add the texts together,
it’s ok as photo#1.

But when I want to set when all labels are white colors, get a result = 0,
it fails, it gets a result still = 60, as photo#2.

I want to get a result = 0, as photo#3,
what’s wrong with my blocks setting ?
How can I correct them ?

Thanks for your helps and any suggestion!

is this the logic you’re trying to do?

before you enter the FOR EACH loop, set Number to 0
inside your loop do this:
IF color is not white
add value to Number

check for NUmber
if Number is zero, all cells are white
if Number is not zero - its the sum of all that’s not white.

that’s what it seems like to me


Hi manyone,
Your method works, it’s simple and perfect, this issue wasted me much time.
I highly appreciate you and Thank You very much for your help!


I’m glad to help

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