I want to past the number to the label when i click the button

can someone help me?

You do not need the list block in front of the all Button in Row block. That block is already a list. When you add another list block you make a list of lists which creates a problem.

so, how can i fix this?/ can you help me?

Post a new screenshot with the extra list blocks removed. And explain what is and is not working, exactly. Just saying you want to paste a number isn’t enough of a description.

im trying to make a math quiz app

Now all of your conditions for your if block are formatted differently. :frowning_face: You need them all to be in the format I’ve highlighted here:

I still don’t know what you’re trying to do because you haven’t explained it but hopefully that helps.

when i click the button numbers like a keypad … the highlighted red box in number 0… not changing whehn i click the number keypad i made… so i want to change the 0 to the number i click in the number keypad

Thunkable this is my project link… please help me

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