How to get title out of json file

I don’t know how to get titles out of a json file to put in to my app. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff but when i try to get the first three titles, i just get the first 3 letters of the first title.
In the included screenshots, you see the json file and the blocks i used.
I would really appreciate if someone could help me out. Thanks.

To clear things up, in my first label (RE_lblT1) i get “r”, the second one “e”, and the third one “c”.

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You cannot get headlines for the reason that you do not specify the full path to them. Imagine that in Windows to get a file you specified the path “data \ hello.txt”. This is fine, but on what disk is this “data \ hello.txt” located? Also with json. To access the data you need to specify everything, starting with the root “results”. But in your code this field is not.

In addition, you need to set the path in the correct order. If your file is located along the path C:\data\hello.txt, then you will not be able to receive it along the path hello.txt\ data\C: Also in json.

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Hi @Bram_de_witte, did you manage to get it to work?
If so, would you mind sharing a screenshot?
I am stuck with a similar problem and your solution might help me.