How should I deal with this JSON?

Hello Thunkers! :tada:

This is my .JSON file (extracted from Webster API) - click here to see
or, this - json.txt (137.7 KB)

I want to get this as the first value :

This as the 2nd & 3rd value :

Please note :

There are 10 meta(s) in the JSON. I need to deal only with the first meta for all 3 things.

I have tried a lot coding by my side, according to @actech’s JSON advice (given personally to me) but it returns undefined.

(The post was long, Thanks reader.)

Any help would be appreciated :smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hey @kartik14,

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using to access these values too please?


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check it. Similarly, get the rest of the data you need.



Thanks a lot, @actech! :smile:
It works simply perfect! :tada: :star_struck:

U solved my problem again!