How to read json file

I have a json file and I need my application to read it, which means I need to get the value of a certain tag from the file.
How can I do this?
Sorry for the bad translation😅

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You can use the “get object from JSON” block from the Object section.
Can you specify what action you want to achieve with the JSON?


I created a translation (json) file for my application and I want to translate my application with it

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Hi there,

There are lots of Community posts with advice on parsing (reading) a JSON response!
Here is a Community Post.
Here is a video tutorial.

Hope that helps!

But for me it’s a file and it’s in the application, so how can you read it without using an internet connection?

You can use the same blocks to parse a JSON file, regardless of whether it was acquired through an API or uploaded to the app in advance.

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Thanks now it works for me. But I have another problem. The text for me is variable, I want the keyboard text to be the “get property”
(Look at the picture)

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If you want to set the Text Input text to the property you’re retrieving from your JSON, you can use the ‘From Text_Input set Text to’ block:

You can also use the ‘from Text_Input get Text’ block with the ‘get object from JSON’ block.

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Thanks for fixing it, but now I can’t connect get property to of object