Json import from php file

I want to import a json file from a php file.

But always when i press my button the thunkable app will close.
Here my project:
Hope somebody can help me there.
Kindly regards

I’ll have to look at the JSON response to know for sure (I’m on my phone right now) but try taking out the Generate JSON from Object block.

This is what I get when I enter that URL (http://hochl-it.at/arduino/zisterne/json.php) into a browser:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/ho018clu/www/home/arduino/zisterne/json.php on line 8

It’s not returning a valid JSON response which is why your blocks don’t work properly.

Thanks for your answer.
Is it possible to remove the " when I will get for exampel a text via json like “Example” or “1.1.2000 15:30”.
kindly regards

You can use the text replace block to replace all quote marks with nothing ("").