[Solved] Using web api. Get value from JSON?

I have just started toying with this feature I have a json file and i have put together and pulled apart many blocks trying to get this to work and feeling a little lost and overwhelmed, can anyone assist?
Here is what I am trying to achieve:

I am trying to get the highlighted figure into a label.
Here is my latest unsuccessful attempt:


The link returns the following for me:

JSON Viewer

Inputting this into a json pathfinder gives me:
Path = x.bpi.USD.rate
JSON Path Finder

In short, remove bitcoin and chartName.

I have removed those and no luck. Any chance of seeing some code that might help? :slight_smile:

Here is what works perfectly for me:

I am using the url you provided without any need for a token.

API Returns:

  "time": {
    "updated": "May 9, 2020 15:09:00 UTC",
    "updatedISO": "2020-05-09T15:09:00+00:00",
    "updateduk": "May 9, 2020 at 16:09 BST"
  "disclaimer": "This data was produced from the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (USD). Non-USD currency data converted using hourly conversion rate from openexchangerates.org",
  "chartName": "Bitcoin",
  "bpi": {
    "USD": {
      "code": "USD",
      "symbol": "$",
      "rate": "9,695.3565",
      "description": "United States Dollar",
      "rate_float": 9695.3565
    "GBP": {
      "code": "GBP",
      "symbol": "£",
      "rate": "7,814.4573",
      "description": "British Pound Sterling",
      "rate_float": 7814.4573
    "EUR": {
      "code": "EUR",
      "symbol": "€",
      "rate": "8,837.6665",
      "description": "Euro",
      "rate_float": 8837.6665

App working in live test:


how do you append your api key? as just the key or do you include &key=[KEYGOESHERE]

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wanna share that project with Garry and the rest of us :wink:

nice work @eoinparkinson swift with the responses this past week for sure!


It’s just the one screen, one button and one label :laughing: That’s my latest and greatest app.

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Yes please share.:grin:

https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5eb4a6183927952567ee7d09/030d78f3-2d84-4a3d-8c52-a261732250c2/designer I just made this for your query :smiley:

Thank you heaps but I clicked on link and it says project is deleted or may not be public

Try it now

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You legend thank you so much


Hey @Garry_Lane - just to let you know that @simran created this great tutorial series on APIs last year that’s well worth a watch:


I tried that json viewer, it has come in handy a few times but i cant seem to work out how to access the data in this one.

Looks like this:
“rates”: {
“CAD”: 0.9058591178,
“HKD”: 5.0208270992,
“ISK”: 94.9787539649,
“PHP”: 32.6333113891,
“DKK”: 4.4643605243,
“HUF”: 209.3721946257,
“CZK”: 16.5180441678,
“GBP”: 0.525914178,
“RON”: 2.8908372733,
“SEK”: 6.3437668322,
“IDR”: 9696.7622239512,
“INR”: 49.1328026812,
“BRL”: 3.7519300976,
“RUB”: 47.6977078221,
“HRK”: 4.5275001496,
“JPY”: 69.5194206715,
“THB”: 20.849242923,
“CHF”: 0.6295409659,
“EUR”: 0.5984798612,
“MYR”: 2.8075288767,
“BGN”: 1.1705069124,
“TRY”: 4.5841163445,
“CNY”: 4.5953079179,
“NOK”: 6.6108085463,
“NZD”: 1.0657729367,
“ZAR”: 11.9456580286,
“USD”: 0.6477946017,
“MXN”: 15.5126578491,
“SGD”: 0.9177688671,
“AUD”: 1,
“ILS”: 2.2785325274,
“KRW”: 793.3269495481,
“PLN”: 2.728529535
“base”: “AUD”,
“date”: “2020-05-11”

I used here Code Beautify which loads from a URL.

Sorry I meant I am having trouble with the blocks.

got you covered @Garry_Lane

i’m a little bored over here and someone didnt show up for a meeting thismorning…


JSON body


I really appreciate the effort you went to for this response, you are indeed a legend :). I put this together and came up with an issue that has been pestering for a while, list viewer when pulling data from anywhere results in a white screen. So i pulled the blocks apart and glued them back together and somehow it is working without getting a white screen.

Thank You again @jared.

Starting to owe you a few beers mate. :slight_smile:


Great jobs @jared

I tried for

to get one of the property. but not working

What blocks have you tried?

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