How to ensure Private apps stay private

I’m considering using this platform for mi apps, ones of the things I don’t like is the regular version is public and then the pro o get yo choose now if I put all my work into, can I actually click public and expose all my hard work and code, I plan on using this for my business. Is it possible to mAke sure things stay private. I’m looking into other platforms that don’t have public features because I just feel more safer with them.

Do you want to have hidden code and make things private? Believe me, this does not guarantee you the protection you expect. The fact is that a class specialist will not even need your code. It will be enough for him to see the idea of ​​how your application works, in order to make it even better. If this is not enough, he will be able to decompile the code, regardless of whether you made the apk in Thunkable or Android Studio. Therefore, I recommend that you pay attention not to the openness of things, but to the ability to reliably store private user data. Unfortunately, there are no data encryption features in Thunkable X yet.

@audioDSP11, If you make your projects private then they will be (and remain) private. If you make them public then they will be public. If you are a PRO user you get to choose.


When you say make store private user data. I want to make an app but I don’t want to really store any end user info or a data manager or database with login and emails and passwords. Can this work, or do I still have to somehow secure end user information. If I make a free audio streaming app for example and monetize, will I still have to somehow secure end user data.

Mark wrote to you correctly. If you want to make your projects in Thunkable X private, then you need to become a PRO user -

I’m talking about something else. Suppose you made an application for streaming audio. Another user saw it interface and functionality and made his own. Is that possible? Can. Suppose, through your application, the user broadcasts his songs. Another heard these songs, changed the words, the arrangement and made their songs. Is that possible? Can. How do you want to protect user songs from copying them?