Soemone remixed my app

It shows that my app has been “remixed one time”
Does that mean that someone just copy pasted my app? Because it took a lot of time to get my app ready :frowning:
What can I do about it?..


Yes, it means exactly that.

Apps by default are public to everyone. In the main Thunkable screen, there is a tab titled Public Gallery. You can browse the apps available or use the Filter by to view the apps of a specific user.

You can set your app as Private making it unsearchable. You need to be a paying member to be able to set the project as PRIVATE.


Oh :frowning:
Thanks for answering!


yes that means that only… a solution for it is buy a pro account … and other solution for this is… You shall daily change username in thunkable settings if app is lot important

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