How to see who remixed your app?

Hi, I am asking this question because we are using this platform for some course assignments and I noticed that my app was remixed an hour after I finished it, meaning that another student could have copied it and changed a couple things and submitted it on their own.
From what I have read, the “new” project of theirs does not indicate that it was a remix.
Nor can we block remixes.
And I can’t find any way to even view those remixes either.
So I am wondering if this is just the wrong platform to make students use for coursework in app building, because there is zero ability to prevent or even check for plagiarism. Am I right?
Is there some way in here to see who remixed, or to see the remixes?
If not, this is really bad, it not only strips identities from everyone involved in creating something, but is fundamentally against some of the core concepts of working together on projects and sharing ownership.
Free github accounts track all that stuff, what is the deal with this platform?

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When you go to the Project Detail Page of the project it will show you if it is a new project or a remix.

I remixed the project of this WDC and therefore my copy will show this

It will show my name and it will also show who I remixed it from.

Of course, if you are a PRO member then you can flag your project as Private which will protect it from being remixed without your consent.


You have the option of paying for a Starter, Pro, or Educational account where you can keep projects private. But with the free license of Thunkable, your projects are publicly available.

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