Keep students from plagiarising

I am a high school teacher whose students submit apps by sharing the link that is generated when you hit “Share”. Since my students have free public accounts their apps are available for anyone to copy.
Is there a way to see if an app was created by copying someone else’s app? One of my students has a CARBON COPY of someone else’s app. Its HIGHLY unlikely that they have the exact same button placement, font size, and even button color. Even the code is the exact same.

I pretty much know who copied, but the non-coping student claims he hadn’t helped anyone yet leading me to believe that the plagiarizer has the credentials of someone else or he is finding the other student’s work online as it is publicly available. Then he is copying it and doesn’t have the sense to make it look a little different.

Please help. I need to know if there is a way to find out of code if fresh or an edit of someone else’s code.

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The project detail page should show the original project that was remixed (if any).

If the project is a remix of another project, the name and creator of the original project will be displayed.

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