How to create sign in for a customer and business owner?

Hi, I’m creating an app with a sign in system through firebase. There’s two different types of users, the business owner and client, so I just wanted to know whether there’s a way for the app to recognise what kind of user you are in the same database to display different screens. Also, it says “Only one Firebase account is allowed per project”. Does that apply to multiple firebase databases on the same account?

Thanks in advance!

On the first part of your question: This should be possible by looking at the email a person signs up with and creating a stored variable where you say “If Signup Email is X, set variable Y to True”, where X is the email the business owner gives you. So basically create an admin property. If you then want to have some functionality in the future, you can always check for the status of that variable, since it shouldn’t change for that user.

On the second part of your question: Not sure if I understand correctly but you can only integrate one firebase real-time database per project. You can have another one for the second project, etc. That’s just limited since you can only give one set of API credentials in Thunkable.

Something like this… (This just as a concept)