How do I make sign ins persistent in my app?

actually i wanna say that how to keep a person logged in even if he exits app and when he opens he is already logged in.
help me community i am trying to identify but i still need ur help

It’s unlikely you’re going to get instant help here. We’re all customers just like you unless you’ve paid for a Pro subscription and are contacting support directly.

How are users logging in to your app? Have you considered using a stored variable?

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i think you can use one column(check) in database

normally check column values is 0.
if user enter app , you should chance values 1
and show other screen

if user close app, this isn’t problem because check values is 1
user again open app, app control all list in check values and otomatic open screen2 and user information when app find values 1 in the check column

i wrote program for you.

you can check it.

i hope it is work for you.


Hi @eko.devs.apploroceo - I’ve updated the title and tags of your post to more accurately reflect the question you are actually asking.

In relation to keeping your users signed in, take a look at our sing in masterpost which contains more or less everything you need to know about the Sign In component: