How to create news app

How to create a news app

It’s a lot to expect someone to tell you how to make an entire app.

Ask a few specific questions after you’ve searched the forums and someone can help you.


It is only tech news app
Just what I want to ask is like how to get that data to Thunkable.

I will create a spreadsheet in airtable then how should get the data once I have downloaded that app.

You can Google Airtable Thunkable and see lots of examples, tutorials and documentation. If you can’t get something to work, post a screenshot of your blocks and someone can help you.

You’re asking us to do the work for you but you need to do the work first.

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the topic name should be “how to add Air table” then .try the Google news API.

@tatiang I have got a way but the problem is it is showing like this

I want it that is should show the whole title

How can I do it

It’s important to include enough details. Just showing a screenshot of the preview is not enough.

You can also post a link to your project. Sometimes that’s a faster way to get help because we can see how you have set things up.

the only way to do is create your own custom DVL layout.

so once you add the title, set
to 2. if itdeosn’t show it full, try increasing the lines.

Can you tell that the row id which it genrates when item click is it genrated by thunkable or airtable and does that row ID changes or it is same

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The Data Viewer List / Grid uses the row id of the Data Source bound to it. If you are connecting the DVL to Airtable then the row id of the DVL is from Airtable.