How to create dynamic charts using C3.js [Updated]

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Ideally this should be on YouTube or somewhere people don’t need to sign-up. Or if you want donations, on YouTube Premium as a subscription like $1.

Also, why do people need to “sign up” (i.e. give their data) to you, via a (template) Bubble project?

Where are the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services!? There are no links to them…


well. No. i want it on my site, so i can put them where ever I want.

You don’t need to do anything. ( i mean you personally. if you dont like the idea of making an account, stick to youtube) The membership is for future plans and keeps your tutorials sorted. If you made an account, it would make more sense.

this site will keep things more sorted (obviously more limited) and neater to sort through than youtube and will also only have approved quality content.

Nice job spotting the use of a template! It’s a work in progress. I’d recommend checking back in a while and seeing if it has improved to your liking. If not, that’s okay too!

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m wondering if you tried the tutorial? Were you able to get your charts to appear?

and for total transparency. this is a build-in public project. meant to house my own materials and anyone else I decide is good to go. probably will always be free and will never actually have more than 20 hours of content if nobody else jumps on board. I am open to any criticisms, though I’d appreciate constructive criticism.

Fair enough, if you don’t want to use a (tried and trusted) learning or tutorial system like udemy which does allow free courses or even just YouTube as a private playlist (which is best for supporting laptop/tablet/mobile and streaming over 3G/4G).

I completely understand building something for yourself! If it’s what you prefer to do and if it is to help build your skills. Interestingly, LearnDash + WordPress is almost as no-code as Bubble, in fact it’s less work, because there are loads of Themes and plugins that make the setup much easier! :blush: :+1:
Anyway - I think the previous point was, any sign-up should ideally not be enabled until the T&Cs, or at least a Privacy Policy is in place, as this is a legal requirement in many States/ Countries.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll get those up asap

TOC and PP are live! Thank you again!

you can link to them from the footer