Thunkable like tool for web apps

Hi there,

I saw (or dreamed) a tool which allows you create web based apps with nocode. I know bubble but this tool (that I think I saw) has the same lego style building feature where you can get more creative.

Has anyone seen this tool?

Hey @kaan, :wave:

I’m not sure if there’s any block-based builder like you are describing, perhaps @josh might be able to advise you via PM on in his Slack group?

Hey @kaan :wave:

Could it be any of these:

Boundless Labs
Caravel Studio

Those are some of the most popular ones. Hope that helps.


No Code Founders


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply and listing the available options. I wasn’t aware of many of them.

Unfortunately non of them is the one I’m looking for.

The one I saw (and forgot to bookmark) was very similar to thuntable in regards to listing content blocks for instance. You could create your own little programs using blocks and inject them into a canvas.