Pretty Interactive ChartMakR {MVP}

I wanted to share my latest tutorial for a ChartMakR

The chart titles are random phrases

X values are a randomized list of names of users I’ve interacted with on the forum

Y values are randomized

TrendLine is calculated inApp


This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

Look how well you scored in this one: :+1:

I spent a good 2 minutes looking for easter eggs until I realised you were saying it’s already a public project! :joy:

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This makes me want to plant those now!

There used to be some website I liked visiting 10-15 years ago. They used to be (maybe still are) in all types of software.


Seems like I was not creating a new trend line for each chart being created. This update has fixed that! This is one simple application. As I learn more JavaScript, I will post more examples of using the webViewer POST method. Now, to look for more use cases!

@paulmw, I had asked for a more complex example but went ahead and figured it out!

Live App



@cttricks, I am tagging you here. We exchanged messages 2-weeks ago about this exact thing I am posting here! It was not possible then, but is now! Check it out!

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Glad you got it working, it looks good