Bubble Maps are now possible with thunkable!

So I have been working on my COVID19 tracker app. I wanted to show comparative densities of infection. A heat map seemed alright, but I found the bubble map in the search.

See it here!

and fork the code for the chart here


Great job on this project. I’m very happy to see you putting the webviewer extensions and the responsive web apps to great use.

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Thanks @paulmw, my next task is the maps I think.

Then back to a therapy app!

I asked about this for a long time. I was super happy to see it come in to play

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It’s a great job.

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thank you guys! @manyone @mom7667yafy

also, for you manyone, i will be looking into different gauge charts. I didnt like the one that i had, and the charts charting library has some nice stuff. I’ll keep you posted. Probably will start making a charting example app. with different chart types.

so far i have worked

bubble map

my plan is also to see how far we can push the limit with using javascript in our apps

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Your plan seems to be a good plan.
I think I should study javascript too.

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Is this done using an API? I was able to teach myself how to work through Google Map and Calendar Web API’s before they made it much more indepth and havnt been able to get past the security stuff.

this was completed using an API and javascript!

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Nice!! Someday I’ll teach myself google AUTH stuffs LOL. You rock!

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In your app, a sound plays each time the app opens without fail. How did you do it? I need to play an alert sound when my app receives a message. It plays once and never play again. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. Here is my block.(Oh, I could not add image: access denied!)

Yeah, that google auth stuff is complicated. Not impossible though. the closest i have gottten is being able to show a map with route and provide step by step directions. the live GPS/map is next step. so that the map updates every 10 seconds or something.

Can you share your code where you play the sound?

I too need to learn javascript. LOL

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